What is Frost?

The Frost API provides free access to MET Norway's archive of historical weather and climate data. This data includes quality controlled daily, monthly, and yearly measurements of temperature, precipitation, and wind data. Other information, like metadata about weather stations, is also available through the API.

The Frost API is primarily for developers who need to develop scripts or applications that access MET Norway's archive of historical weather and climate data. Please read about the terms of use for the API, as well as MET's privacy policy statement

Please email observasjon@met.no if you have questions about Frost, and it will be directed to the appropriate people. Please read the FAQs before emailing, we will keep updating them based on questions we receive. We are looking into setting up a discussion forum in the future, as the old email list has been discontinued.


2019-03-04 New Frost API webpage, please send feedback to observasjon@met.no
2018-03-15 The Frost API is now considered sufficiently stable and feature-complete to be officially launched. Please note:
  • A few features will still be missing. These are not considered critical and will eventually be implemented.
  • Until a proper procedure for handling version updates is in place, the API version will still be v0. However, after the launch date, we will try to avoid changes that break existing clients (wrt. request/response format etc.).