The Frost API provides free access to MET Norway's archive of historical weather and climate data. These data include quality controlled daily, monthly, and yearly measurements of temperature, precipitation, and wind data. Other information, like metadata about weather stations, is also available through the API.



Experimental wave elements

Please note that the wave data are currently experimental. There will be changes in the near future regarding the selection of wave elements and their element IDs.

Keep an eye on the changelog.


Frost is now considered officially launched

Please note that in the next few days, we will make the following two changes to the JSON output in the observations/* endpoints that may potentially break existing clients:

  • The contents of the level object will be moved up one level.
  • Leading zeros will be omitted for timeOffset.

Keep an eye on the changelog for these and other changes.


Frost to be officially launched on 2018-03-15

The Frost API is now considered sufficiently stable and feature-complete to be officially launched. The launch date is set to Thursday 2018-03-15.

Please note the following:

  • The Terms Of Use still apply.
  • A few features will still be missing. These are not considered critical and will eventually be implemented.
  • Until a proper procedure for handling version updates is in place, the API version will still be v0. However, after the launch date, we will try to avoid changes that break existing clients (wrt. request/response format etc.).

The following mailing list can be used for posting questions about usage of the API and for receiving important announcements: