Frequently asked questions

This page contains answers to frequently asked questions.

Why do I get error code 412?

This error code means that it was not expected that data exists for this time period and/or combination of element and station. Not all stations have all elements, for example not all stations have a wind or rainfall sensor and thus will not have data for these elements. Also, sometimes a station may start or stop delivering certain types of data if a sensor is added or removed. Please make use of the availableTimeSeries endpoint to understand what elements are available for each station.

Why do I sometimes get multiple observations for the same reference time?

There can be multiple sensors at a station that send the same data, for instance air_temperature can have 2 values but one is taken at a height of 2m and the other is taken at a height of 10m (see concepts for more information).

Reasons you might be getting 400 bad request, or other issues with formatting and sending a request:

The request URL should not contain any spaces, so in element names like max(air_temperature P1D) an escape character should be used (%20).

In some programing languages you need to encode the userID and insert it into the request header (see java as an example).