This page lists notable changes to the service. If you experience that the service behaves in new or unexpected ways, the changelog might give a hint.

2018-04-30 When specifying referencetime=latest in a request for observations, the Cache-Control/max-age in the HTTP response header is set to the minimum value of the normal update periods of any of the following elements occurring in the request:
  • air_temperature (3600)
  • wind_speed (600)
  • wind_from_direction (600)
If none of these elements are requested, the default value is 3600.
2018-04-26 Added maxage and limit to reduce response time when specifying referencetime=latest in a request for observations.
  • maxage: don't retrieve observations older than this duration
  • limit: return values for at most limit observation times for each source/element combination, counting from the most recent time
2018-03-22 Updated IDs of elements and code tables:

Old element IDNew element IDOld convention element code
over_time(precipitation_type_primary_significance PT6H)over_time(weather_class1_primary_significance PT6H)V4
over_time(precipitation_type_primary_significance_intensity P1D)over_time(weather_class1_primary_significance_intensity PT6H)V4S
over_time(precipitation_type_secondary_significance P1D)over_time(weather_class1_secondary_significance PT6H)V5
over_time(precipitation_type_secondary_significance PT6H)over_time(weather_class1_secondary_significance PT6H)V5
over_time(precipitation_type_secondary_significance_intensity P1D)over_time(weather_class1_secondary_significance_intensity PT6H)V5S
over_time(precipitation_type_tertiary_significance PT6H)over_time(weather_class1_tertiary_significance PT6H)V6
over_time(precipitation_type_tertiary_significance P1D)over_time(weather_class1_tertiary_significance PT6H)V6
over_time(precipitation_type_tertiary_significance_intensity P1D)over_time(weather_class1_tertiary_significance_intensity PT6H)V6S
over_time(precipitation_type_quaternary_significance PT6H)over_time(weather_class1_quaternary_significance PT6H)V7

Old code table IDNew code table ID
2018-03-19 Removed leading zeros from a couple of time offset values:
  • PT00HPT0H
  • PT06HPT6H
2018-03-17 Updated element IDs that previously matched one the following patterns:
  • *sea_surface*
  • *precipitation_type*
  • humidity_mixing_ratio
  • In the observations/ endpoint, the referencetime parameter now accepts the word 'latest' to specify the latest available observation.
  • If 'latest' is specified for referencetime, the response header for now contains max-age=3600 as the value of Cache-Control. This will be fine for most elements. At a later point, the value of max-age may depend on the element in the request that is expected to be updated most frequently.
2018-03-06 Starting point.